Please note that our rates info is currently being updated

Full details of Marae hireage please download: Cambridge Marae info sheet Nov 11 [PDF].

  • Bond (refunded upon completion of the terms of hireage)
  • Overnight Stay (use of all amenities)
  • Daily Rate (includes use of all cooking facilities)
  • Hourly rate (up to 4 hours, with use of urns, dishes, cutlery, teapots only)

Hireage terms: Our daily hireage arrival time is 2PM with checkout at 11AM (or later by negotiation). We are happy to offer some flexibility, depending upon circumstances and our availability to service your requirements but please note we reserve the right to charge an hourly rate for hireage beyond these hours.

Mattresses and Linen: You may bring your own sheets and pillows; please ensure mattresses are covered at all times. Linen (sheets and pillow cases) can be provided. We have mattresses and linen for up to 80 persons, there will be a charge according to how much linen is required.

Gas and electricity charges: For larger groups and longer stays there will be an additional charge (taken out of the bond) for electricity and gas costs, according to meter readings.

For more information email: Kiri Gray chair@cambridgemarae.org or Rae Nordstrom bookings@cambridgemarae.org



Cambridge Community Marae, 3 Bracken Street, Leamington, Cambridge 3432
PO Box 480 Cambridge 3450, New Zealand